Sex Toys with Lots of History

July 10, 2013  |  History

Today’s technology allows for some pretty amazing sex accessories but sex toys have been around longer than we might imagine. It turns out that our ancestors were just as interested in enhancing sex as we are today!

  1. Blow-up Sex Dolls: The rubber version of these pseudo women have been around since 1904. It is reported that French sailors devised the Dame de Voyage many years earlier but they were comprised of rags that only resembled a women to a very homesick man of the sea.
  2. Butt Plugs: Believe it or not the Butt Plug has been around since 1892, first marketed as a medical device,  known as a “Rectal Dilator,” and commonly sold throughout the United States. This lasted until the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act banned it for “false advertising”
  3. The VIBRATOR: We think this is the best invention to date (and we are only a little bit biased). The vibrator came to life in 1869 and was intended to cure ‘Hysteria.’ Rumour has it that Cleopatra actually had the first vibrator – a hollowed gourd filled with angry, buzzing bees. While hysteria was never a real disease, the benefits of a good vibrator are still reaped to this day.
  4. Condoms: Men have been ‘dressing for the occasion’ since 1560. Turns out the threat of death was enough for men to wear a linen sheath soaked in chemicals.
  5. The Penis Ring: A.D. 1200. Turns out Chinese Nobility really had to perform. They had to continually have sex with their wives, mistresses and concubines – while they probably didn’t mind too much they needed a way to stay erect despite the refractory period. Cue the penis ring.
  6. Ben-Wa Balls: A.D. 500. Originally used by men for self-pleasure, women caught on and the trend went wild.
  7. Penis Enlargement: Third Century A.D. The Kama Sutra was the first to suggest men could enhance their members. The original option, rubbing wasp stingers on the penis shaft, does not sound very pleasant to us.
  8. Lubricant: Ancient Greece. Olive oil was used for way more than cooking in Ancient Greece. We are happy to hear that the Greeks realized the benefit of a good lube early on.
  9. Dildos: 23,000 B..C. Apparently, archaeologists find dildos all the time. Looks like our ancestors enjoyed sex even in the absence of a partner and weren’t ashamed of it at all. We could learn from them.
  10. Pornography: 33,000 B.C. Porn may have pre-dated religion. The first images of pornography were carved from mammoth tusks exemplifying exaggerated female bodies.

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